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David Bentley Hart: Freedom and Decency

It is heartening, naturally, to live in a country where so much righteous ire can be stirred by a fleeting glimpse of something the unarrested sight of which — on almost any summer day along certain sandy banks of the Seine — nourishes the noonday reveries of many a Parisian schoolboy. It attests to the persistence among us of the kind of social virtue — call it bourgeois respectability, or puritanism, or simple decency — that is too often appreciated only in the aftermath of its disintegration. That said, however,… Read more David Bentley Hart: Freedom and Decency

ALLAN BLOOM on education

This age is not utterly insalubrious for philosophy. Our problems are so great and their sources so deep that to understand them we need philosophy more than ever, if we do not despair of it, and it faces the challenges on which it flourishes. I still believe that universities, rightly understood, are where community and friendship can exist in our times. Our thought and our politics have become inextricably bound up with the universities, and they have served us well, human things being what they are. But for all that, and even though they deserve our strenuous efforts,… Read more ALLAN BLOOM on education