Sâmbătă ora 22:30, un interviu de excepție: Mark Lachance, antreprenor

Sâmbătă de la ora 22:30 voi difuza un interviu LIVE cu unul dintre cei mai activi antreprenori din Quebec – Mark Lachance, partener în Montreal și prieten de idei. Nu ratați această oră specială din care vom învăța secretele unui tânăr milionar!

Do yourself a favor and get an appointment with a real, flesh and bone entrepreneur. 

Find the authentic leader – not the fake ones flooding the Internet, these days. When I met Mark for the first time I realized I was talking to a ruthless wolf leading a pack of courageous athletes. 

He’s an impeccable #strategist. He’s someone who has built solid businesses over the years, but who decided to make some dramatic changes for the sake of his personal #freedom and family happiness. 

Not long ago, Mark embraced the concept of healthy nutrition and a very active lifestyle, while mustering thousands of young people in one the best Fitclubs from North-America. 

What a journey! Mark & Sonia’s story will be told at the next Extravaganza and thousands more will learn the secret of success: extreme ownership of your life. 

“It matters not how strait the gate, / How charged with punishments the scroll, / I am the master of my fate: / I am the captain of my soul.”

Saturday at 3:30pm Montreal time (which is 10:30pm in Eastern Europe), I shall do a live interview with the American #entrepreneur and #millionaire: Mark Lachance. He’ll share for the first time his secrets as a financially independent businessman, who studied under Tony Robbins and other masters. #success #tonyrobbins #fitclub24 #montreal #marklachance #mihailneamtu.

Instagram / Snapchat: @georgemneamtu

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