The next American President should be a student of Ronald Reagan

No American President should be sworn into office without a clear proof that he or she is aware of the major battles fought by the United States against Communism.

When faced with the threats of Islamic fundamentalism, let us remember how many hundreds of millions of people experienced spiritual humiliation and a vast array of material shortages under the personal dictatorship of Lenin, Stalin, Mao, Castro, Ceauşescu and many other students of Marx.  Their memory should be honored.

Only thirty years ago, a ordinary family in Budapest or Moscow would find it challenging to find the toothpaste for every teeth-brushing morning or evening ritual. People who benefited from hot water during their daily showers thought they were lucky. 

By the late 80s, in the USSR and within the former Eastern European block, every Western traveler would discover frustration, anger and anguish among the workers and intellectuals alike.

Our memory is full of popular jokes about the grotesque character of everyday life under an age which the Communist officials penned as the “golden age”. Women could not buy sanitary pads, while toilet paper was regarded as precious commodity.

I clearly remember the food crisis in Romania. Millions of kids have experienced the absence of basic material products, such as milk powder, meat, bread or rare fruits such as bananas.

Not a single day would pass without adults and children facing a new embarrassing incidents. Sociologists and anthropologists have already documented the extent to which the State controlled even the minute details of the lives of the people: their love affairs, their passion for poetry, or their spiritual devotion.

The United States of America and the congenial policies of President Reagan have helped nearly four hundred million people in Russia and Eastern Europe exit this nightmare.

 Whatever challenge lies ahead, America must stand in favor of freedom and human dignity.

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