Orthodox Christianity And Capitalism — Are They Compatible?

Kevin Allen, host of The Illumined Heart podcast on Ancient Faith Radio, interviews writer, attorney, and college professor Chris Banescu, an Orthodox Christian, about the economic, moral and spiritual issues surrounding the market economy. Kevin asks: Does the capitalist system serve “the best interests of Christians living the life of the Beatitudes?”

Listen to Chris Banescu on Orthodox Christianity and Capitalism.

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  1. Hristos a inviat!
    Orthodox Christianity And Capitalism
    Crestinismul Ortodox si Capitalismul
    Iisus Hristos, Fiul lui Dumnezeu si Capitalismul
    Biserica, Trupul lui Hristos/ Taina Sfintei Treimi si Capitalismul
    Sfanta Treime si Capitalismul.

    Unde am gresit oare de mi-a iesit asta?

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