Stiri ingrijoratoare despre „jihadizarea” recenta a Pakistanului sunt completate de informatii legate de simpatia pentru „islamofascism” manifestata in Turcia.

The well-known Turkish nationwide television station ‘Show TV’ aired on8th, 15th and 29 November 2007 a new episode of the old series “Kurtlar  Vadisi-Pusu”– The Valley of the Wolves. […] The film is about the relationship
between the state and four powerful Mafia families, which in the film control the economic life of the country.
The programme also mentions Christian missionary work and closely links it to organtrafficking, mafia and prostitution. Christians are shown as enemies of the people. The goal of Christians in the series is to defraud Turks
and to weaken the national consciousness in order to divide the country
among themselves. Further it is presumed that Turkish Christians ally
themselves with foreign powers and make common cause to betray the
Turkish people.
a result, 29 November, for example, the script literally said: “Someone
must be in a position to halt these people.” He continued: “As we have
thrown out crusaders [from Turkey], we will also throw them out. If you
have no weapon, I will give you one.”


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